Friday, May 24, 2013

The American Bible Challenge survey of the week:

Who is responsible for the first sin?
1. Adam
2. Eve
3. The serpent

Give the reason for you answer.

I say Eve. Even though the serpent brought the idea of sin into the world, Eve chose to sin and tempted Adam. Adam is not free of his irresponsibility.


  1. To give you food for thought:

    Eve was deceived into eating the forbidden fruit by the serpent.

    Adam allowed Eve to talk him into it of his own reasoning.

    Additionally, I believe that Adam was technically 'dominant' one, and therefore held more responsibility than his counterpart.

    Obviously, both were punished - rightly so. I might not be so quick to blame the woman, though.

  2. That is actually interesting. The survey showed that women tend to blame Eve, while men tend to blame Adam.

  3. It seems to me that God should not have been surprised given that he endowed them with questing minds and they eventually gave into their innate curiosity. I often told my children not to do things I knew were bad for them, however, they eventually did some anyway. This is called 'human nature'. While we are responsible for our actions,and actions have consequences, should our creator not shoulder some blame for creating us imperfectly? *dodging lightening*

  4. You're right. I don't think God was surprised at all; I don't think God can be surprised by anything. Still, He gave them a chance to see what goodness and perfection was. If they had not know what good was, they would have had no reference to how bad sin can be and what it does to a person. We would have no moral conscience. Also, I do not think we would have ever understood the perfect moral character of God.

  5. Ah, but can we ever truly understand 'perfection' in practice, or are we limited to its theory? Dun dun dunnnnnn!

  6. [I] We [I] can never practice perfection, because none of us is without sin (1 John 1:8-9), but we can understand what perfection in practice looks like by viewing God’s character, revealed through the Bible (Psalm 16:30-31). This is why we have no right to judge others (though I know this happens all the time) - how can sinful people judge others who sin? (Matthew 7:1-5). Only God, who is perfect, can judge us (Ecclesiastes 3:17). This is why God’s mercy is so amazing. He loves us despite out sinful nature and wants us to acknowledge this undeserved gift and accept that it was given though Jesus Christ, who taking our sin upon himself, died so that we may been seen a perfect in God’s eyes (Romans 3:33).