Friday, May 24, 2013

The American Bible Challenge survey of the week:

Who is responsible for the first sin?
1. Adam
2. Eve
3. The serpent

Give the reason for you answer.

I say Eve. Even though the serpent brought the idea of sin into the world, Eve chose to sin and tempted Adam. Adam is not free of his irresponsibility.

A New Start

I have decided to blog again. My LiVEJOURNAL blog is long gone by now and my life is significantly different. I am inspired by my friend, +Cooper Davis, who consistently reminds me to start blogging again.

Rather than just an update on my life...BORING!...I want to focus this blog more on my passions for justice and missions. I will start with a disclaimer: while I desire to put my faith into practice, I often fall very short. Example- I haven't written to my Compassion kids in months and sometimes I want to put Matthew in the oven (not really, but sometimes).

Anyhow this is a new attempt to make some sense of the things I think about.