Saturday, August 17, 2013

The perfect description of a bard

The "Storyteller"..."He was in truth a ruthless vagabond who made his way in the world by telling stories.His stories were not always new, but there was in the telling of them a special kind of magic.His voice could roll like thunder or hush down into a zepherlike whisper. He could imitate the voices of a dozen men at once; whistle so like a bird that the birds themselves would come to hear what he had to say; and when he imitated the howl of a wolf, the sound could raise the hair on the back of a listener's neck and strike a chill into their hearts like the depths of a Drasnian winter.He could make the sound of rain and wind and even, most miraculously, the sound of falling snow.His stories were filled with sounds that made them come alive, and through the sounds and the words with which he wove the tales, sight and smell and the very feel of strange times and places seemed also to come to life for his spellbound listeners...The best stories, of course, were saved for the dining hall when, after the evening meal was over and the plates had been pushed back, the old man would rise from his place and carry his listeners off into a world of magical enchantment."

From Pawn of Prophesy by David Eddings